Hurricane dorian last united states stopped in south east massachusetts on saturday as it raced across the atlantic towards canada in nova scotia coun

Hurricane Dorian last United States stopped in South-East Massachusetts on Saturday as it raced across the Atlantic towards Canada in Nova Scotia county. - Videos Poll is a big video and image content and poll platform. Add content and share.


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Hurricane Dorian Is Making A Final Stop In The United States Before Racing To Canada

Posted By Sam - 2019-09-07 09:38:56

United States

Hurricane Dorian last United States stopped in South-East Massachusetts on Saturday as it raced across the Atlantic towards Canada in Nova Scotia county.

Before the wheel crossing the border, the Category 1 storm dump rain and tropical storm force winds in Massachusetts over the weekend followed by Hurricane conditions in parts of Nova Scotia.

The course of the storm, which lasted almost two weeks, was devastating in the Bahamas, where houses were dropped and neighborhoods swept away, killing at least 43 people.
In the United States, several cities consider having reached land at Cape hat-trick, North Carolina, and the states the east coast the other on Friday. Five deaths have been blamed for the storm so far.
Early in the day Saturday, was located 170 miles south of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and 490 miles south-west of Halifax, Nova Scotia, said the National Weather Service. It was moving northeast at 25 mph pack maximum winds sustained 90 mph.
I've issued warnings storm Tropical For (Cape Cod) says that the heavier rain would beat up on Saturday morning and ends afternoon
In New England, the main concern is high surf warnings to people along the coast such as storms, autumn, CNN meteorologist Robert Shackelford said.
"Some regions can see 18 to 20 feet breaking waves, so even the strongest swimmers beware of high waves. Swimmers are also advised to guard against rip currents, which can rapidly draw swimmers into deep water, " shackelford said.
Wide areas of the East Coast can expect wind gusts up to 30 mph throughout the day Saturday with some areas like Nantucket needs to see wind gusts of 58 miles per hour and 73 miles per hour, he added.
In addition to the wind, some areas along the coast will sink with up to three inches of rain throughout the day.

Floods in the NC barrier islands
The flood waters retreat on the island (Ocracoke) in (North Carolina) after hit (Dorian), which relieves the anxiety on people stranded in their homes most of the day.
"There are people who had knees to deep water waist in their homes," Jason Wells told cnn."Many people were rescued from the upper floors or levers by boats, or from Good Samaritan."
Since Thursday, (Dorian) immersion parts of (Carolina), and produced a number of tornadoes, as well as hit (Virginia) the wind and rain.
Between 10 and 15 inches of rain fell in parts of North and South Carolina this week, the National Weather.
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