It causes memory loss and shortens life. according to the study, this disease occurs 2 times more in women than in men. videos poll is a big video a


Alzheimer's Sneaks Up, Shortens Lifespan

Posted by Sam - 2019-09-01 01:44:28


It causes memory loss and shortens life. According to the study, this disease occurs 2 times more in women than in men.

Alzheimer's, which is a symptom of forgetfulness, comes with the progression of age. Genetic factors, head injuries and cardiovascular diseases increase the risk of Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is twice as common in women, according to research. Early diagnosis of this disease, which has no definitive treatment, improves the quality of life. The disease is diagnosed through neuropathological examinations. Drug treatment and healthy eating slow the progression of the disease.

Dementia comes with minor complaints that affect daily life. If you have a few of the following complaints, you should see a doctor.:

Memory loss: forgetting appointments and important dates.

Difficulty in doing what is known: the person makes difficulty in doing the work he has often done before. Women, for example, may even forget to cook.

Don't mix time and place: they may have difficulty finding their way to a familiar place, they may be confused about where they are.

Putting objects in the wrong place: putting items in inappropriate places, such as wallets and keys.

Mood disorder: sudden personality and mood changes are common in people with dementia..


In this table, there are complaints of subjective memory. These people carry on their daily life activities normally and do not show signs of dementia.

● Preclinical stage ALZHEIMER'S: mild forgetfulness can occur in the brain without memory loss.

● Early-stage ALZHEIMER's: sneaky advances. The first symptoms are apathy, reluctance and forgetfulness.

● Mid-term ALZHEIMER'S: memory impairment affects the patient's daily life negatively. The patient experiences distortions during the recall process. Naming in language functions is corrupted.

● Advanced ALZHEIMER'S: the concept of place and time may disappear completely. Personality change becomes evident in the patient. Past remote memory is very corrupted

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