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Antonio Brown Has Found A New Home, He's Agreed To Deal With Bates

Posted by Mike - 2019-09-08 01:37:43

(Antonio Brown) has agreed to a deal with the team (New England Patriots), his agent (Drew Rosenhaus), tell (ESPN) (Adam-shifter) on Saturday.New England gives Brown a one-year deal of up to $ 15 million, as Rosenhouse said. Includes signing bonus of $ 9 million and $ 10 million guaranteed, and $ 5 million as incentives.


Pope Francis Stranded In Elevator !!

Posted by Sam - 2019-09-01 19:01:47

Pope Francis, who was 25 minutes late for Sunday Mass, was in an accident.


Iphone Users Beware!

Posted by Sam - 2019-09-01 01:36:13

Google discovered it had been under cyber attack for two years… THESE WEBSITES ARE CLICKED THOUSANDS OF TIMES A WEEK


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